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Refinish Old Tubs & Tiles; It Saves A Fortune Over Replacement!

It’s often been said that kitchens and baths are what really sell homes – and I’ve found this to largely be true. Both of these rooms see a lot of use, and making these spaces as appealing as possible to a wide spectrum of potential buyers should help your house go under contract fairly quickly. By the same token, dated tiles, fixtures, and appliances – even those that are in pristine working condition – can prove to be a huge turnoff.

With that said, these two rooms can also be the most expensive to remodel and renovate – and it makes no sense for most sellers in particular to spend that kind of cash on a space they won’t get to enjoy for very long. Buyers should also take note of these tips below; if you see an otherwise perfectly good kitchen or bathroom with a godawful color scheme, you may well be able to pick up a great place to live at a bit of a discount – and spend very little time and money making these frequently-used spaces into very attractive rooms indeed!

First of all, it’s important to note that while there are plenty of DIY refinishing kits for tub and tile available today, results tend to be very mixed, at best. (Even Bob Vila’s home on the web recommends leaving this to those with the right training and equipment.)  A professional refinishing company like Miracle Method – which has locations nationwide – should be able to transform ugly colors from decades past into something more to your liking, and can also be a wonderfully cost-effective way to keep those lovely vintage (and slightly dinged/damaged) cast-iron bathtubs right where they are, making them look as if they were just installed in the home of a Gilded Age robber baron.

I’ll just let this before-and-after pic from The Painted Otter (a professional tub & tile refinishing company based in the Northeast,) speak for itself:

Before & After – Refinish Your Tile, Tub, and Fixtures For Less! (Copyright: The Painted Otter Refinishers)

Don’t just take my word for it; as always, get at least three (preferably five) quotes from various reputable contractors in your area to find out how much it would cost to remove and replace existing bathtubs, sinks, and tile. (The cost of labor alone is likely to be more than a good refinishing company would charge for their services – to say nothing of buying the new fixtures, materials, etc. themselves!)

As long as the fixtures/tile are in good physical shape (no major breakage,) and the walls/subfloors underneath seem to be holding up nicely, there’s really no good reason to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars for a brand-new bathroom when refinishing is a viable option. If you’re planning on getting a FHA 203k or other rehab loan to remake a slightly shabby abode into your dream house, this can be an absolutely FANTASTIC way to get a look you love quickly and cheaply.

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