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How To Consistently Save 7% Or More At Home Depot & Lowe’s!

While Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore discount outlets can be awesome for picking up the lion’s share of construction and decor materials alike at a rock-bottom price, there are some other things (paint, custom wood, mass quantities of certain materials,) that require a trip to retail outlets like Home Depot or Lowe’s.

With that said, I consistently save 7% on EVERYTHING during my trips to those two stores whenever I pay them a visit. How? Like all the tips I post, it’s nothing sneaky, nothing unusual, and you don’t need to know a secret handshake or anything to implement it. You just need to buy discounted gift cards online.

Basically, if someone has an unused or unwanted gift card, they can sell them to these discounters for a portion of the remaining value. The discount card company then resells the cards to consumers at enough of a markup to turn a profit. (It should be noted that Home Depot & Lowe’s aren’t the only venues at which you can save money via these sites; you can pick up everything from clothes to movies to restaurant meals and airline tickets at steep discounts, as well.)

So yes, buying discounted gift cards is a perfectly legitimate thing – although you should always double-check the site and similar consumer protection entities before purchasing anything if you don’t feel right about a given website/vendor.

Without further ado, here are some legitimate discount gift card sites that you can peruse. All discount rates are accurate as of this writing, but they can change. The average I save is around 7%, hence the post title above:

  • ABC Gift Cards – 8% off Home Depot, 7% off Lowe’s.
  • Cardhub – From 30% to 6% off Home Depot, up to 40% off Lowe’s.
  • – 6% off Home Depot, 4.5% off Lowe’s.
  • Gift Card Rescue – 9.5% off Home Depot; Lowe’s cards currently unavailable.
  • – 9% off Home Depot, 8% off Lowe’s.
  • – Up to 10.5% off Home Depot, 8.7% off Lowe’s.

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