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Cost-Sharing Programs/Grants For Masonry Patios, Rain Barrels, Gardens, and More From Phila. Water Dept!

One thing about Pennsylvania in general is that it’s usually pretty wet here. In Philly – as with many cities with high-density rowhome blocks – the density often translates into many totally paved backyard patios that don’t allow stormwater to seep into the ground. This tends to cause drainage backups in many places, and flat concrete surfaces in this climate tend to shift and crack over time, making paved backyards more difficult to maintain than one might think. Fortunately, there are now permeable pavers that allow groundwater to seep down where it belongs – and require only minimal maintenance! This also helps to lessen the burden on the city’s overloaded stormwater system – and thus lessening the stormwater drainage portion of your water bill at the same time.

And for Philly residents, this means that the Philadelphia Water Department is now offering cost-sharing programs to demolish existing masonry yards and replace them with these permeable stones that allow groundwater to seep back into the soil. If you attend one of their free workshops, they will have a contractor come out, perform an estimate, and the Water Department will pay up to $2000 to demolish and re-pave your exterior masonry patio with a permeable alternative. It’s a great way to get help renovating a property with a yard/patio in a sorry state for minimal cost or effort on your part, and it helps to lessen the burden on the common water system overall.

You can also choose to have a rain garden installed with this same program if you prefer some greenery in your yard, a downspout planter for more localized foliage, or rain barrels installed for stormwater collection if you want to use the water for something else.

My own backyard is one of these paved ones that’s in a sorry state now, as it was when I bought it. Giant cracks, messy gravel, and more have taken their toll along with the elements, and keeping the weeds out of the area is far more trouble than I’d like. I’ve signed up for one of these classes in order to get a permeable masonry patio installed back there, and I’ll let you know how it goes!


Thanks to my friend Robyn of Black Orchid Foods – and client-turned-friend Stephanie S. – for the tip!

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